Welcome to the Adaptive Cognition and Interaction Design (ACTION) lab. The ACTION lab is led by Dr. Jessie Chin, at the School of Information Sciences of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, there are four main research themes in the ACTION Lab:

  • Adaptation to Information Proliferation
  • Coupling Cognitive Systems
  • Easy-to-Understand and Actionable Health Information for All
  • Innovative and Accessible Health Care for All

As an interdisciplinary team, our research aims at translating theories in cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, human factors and health informatics to understand and build sociotechnical solutions for promoting complex cognitive activities (such as learning and decision-making) and health behavior/communication among diverse patient populations across the lifespan. [Learn More]

Keywords from Current Research Projects: Applied Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Information Foraging, Self-Regulated Learning, Decision-Making, Cognitive Aging, Health Communication, Health Literacy, Health Misinformation, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, Cancer Prevention and Control, Conversational Agents


May 16. A new article from News Bureau introducing our research, “Large language models can’t effectively recognize users’ motivation, but can support behavior change for those ready to act“!!

May 4. Congrats to Smit Desai!! Please check the fulltext article in PACM HCI, “Like my Aunt Dorothy: Effects of conversational styles on perceptions, acceptance, and metaphorical descriptions of voice assistants during later adulthood“!

April 2. New article featuring the JAMIA paper on large language models and the states of motivations!

March 29. Congrats to Michelle Bak for her first-authored peer-reviewed journal article, “The potential and limitations of large language models in identification of the states of motivations for facilitating health behavior change“, appeared on the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association!!!

Jan 20. Congrats to Michelle Bak‘s first-authored paper published online:


Our research has been supported by:

  1. National Institute of Health (National Cancer Institute) since 2020
  2. Jump ARCHES since 2021
  3. Campus Research Board since 2022
  4. CHAD Pilot Grant since 2022
  5. Institute of Museum and Library Services since 2023

Last Update: May 7, 2024