Welcome to the Adaptive Cognition and Interaction Design (ACTION) lab. The ACTION lab is led by Dr. Jessie Chin, at the School of Information Sciences of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, there are four main research themes in the ACTION Lab:

  • Adaptation to Information Proliferation
  • Coupling Cognitive Systems
  • Reliable, Useful and Accurate Health Knowledge for All
  • Innovative and Accessible Health Care for All

As an interdisciplinary team, our research aims at translating theories in cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, human factors and health informatics to understand and build sociotechnical solutions for promoting complex cognitive activities (such as learning and decision-making) and health behavior/communication among diverse populations across the lifespan. [Learn More]

Keywords from Current Research Projects: Applied Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Information Foraging, Self-Regulated Learning, Decision-Making, Exploration-Exploitation, Cognitive Aging, Health Communication, Health Literacy, Health Misinformation, Digital Health, Aging-in-Place, Sedentary Behavior, Cancer Prevention and Control, Conversational Agents, Human-Machine Interactive Learning



Sep 9 Our recent work on identifying HPV vaccine misinformation has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Congratulations to Tre Tomaszewski, our PhD student in Information Sciences, for completing this important first-author work!

Aug 13 Our research team got a new paper accepted to the TMS 2021conference. Chin and Desai are investigating the age differences in perceived sociability of conversational agents while being interviewed by the human experimenters or conversational agents! The proceeding will be presented in Nov 3-5.

July 27 Congratulations to Smit Desai who just finished a successful presentation in the 3rd Conference on Conversational User Interfaces for his first-author paper!

July 21 For students who are looking for research opportunities in Fall 2021, please find the available projects here

May 5 New story about the project to promote COVID-19 vaccination.

Apr 15 Guest Lecture in EPSY546 Human Factors in Health Care Engineering Systems

Apr 15 An introduction of our cancer-related research from the Cancer Center at Illinois.

Apr 8 We received a new grant from the Jump ARCHES on a project entitled, “Building a Motivational-Interviewing Conversational Agent (MintBot) for Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination among People with Multiple Sclerosis”. 

Feb 12 A book chapter about how to bridge theories in health promotion, cognitive work analysis into persuasive design for patient self-management has been published.
Chin, J. & Burns, C. (2021). Health Promotion: Patient Self-Management, Cognitive Work Analysis and Persuasive Design. In R. J. Holden, & R. S. Valdez (Eds.), The Patient Factors: Applications of Patient Ergonomics (Volume 2)(pp.187-203). CRC Press/Taylor & Frances Group.

Jan 28 The Action Lab has a new publication in the top journal in Primary Health Care, the Journal of General Internal Medicine. See more information in the news story.


Publications & Presentations:

Tomaszewski, T., Morales, A., Lourentzou, I., Caskey, R., Liu, B., Schwartz, A., & Chin, J. (2021). Identifying the false human papillomavirus vaccine information and corresponding risk perceptions from Twitter using advanced predicted models. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23(9), e30451. DOI: 10.2196/30451, PMID:34499043

Chin, J.* & Desai, S.* (2021). Being a Nice Partner: The Effects of Age and Interaction Types on the Perceived Social Abilities of Conversational Agents. 2021 American Psychological Association’s Conference on Technology, Mind, & Society.

Desai, S., & Chin, J. (2021). Hey Google, Can You Help Me Learn?. In CUI 2021-3rd Conference on Conversational User Interfaces(pp. 1-4). DOI:10.1145/3469595.3469601

Chin, J., Wang, H., Awwad, A. W., Graumlich, J. F., Wolf, M. S., & Morrow, D. G. (2021). Health literacy, processing capacity, illness knowledge and actionable memory for medication taking in type 2 diabetes: cross-sectional analysis. Journal of General Internal Medicine. DOI: 1007/s11606-020-06472-z

Chin, J. & Burns, C. (2021). Health Promotion: Patient Self-Management, Cognitive Work Analysis and Persuasive Design. In R. J. Holden, & R. S. Valdez (Eds.), The Patient Factors: A Handbook on Patient Ergonomics (Volume 2). CRC Press/Taylor & Frances Group.


Last updated on Sep 12, 2021