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Jessie Chin, PhD, Assistant Professor
School of Information Sciences (MC 493)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
501 E Daniel Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Phone: (217) 333-0125
Office hours: By appointment



If You Are Interested in Participating as Our Research Participants:

We are always looking for participants across the lifespan to participate in our paid research studies. If you are an older adult (age 60+) and are interested in contributing to our research as a research participant, please email us at, or contact us at (217) 333-0125.  We will keep you informed regarding our ongoing paid studies.

For Current Students at Illinois
If You Are Interested in Gaining Research Experience and Training:

Students with any backgrounds are welcome to join us! We are a multidisciplinary research team, and are embracing diversity, differences and collaborations in any aspects. If you are interested in joining the research team, feel free to contact (Please share your research interests and attach your CV).
Students can also consider taking practicum, internship, or independent study to obtain credits for research training.

For Prospective Students
If You Are Interested in Pursuing PhD in the School of Information Sciences:

I am more than happy to advise students who are interested in pursuing PhD in the School of Information Sciences. If you would like to join our research team, please explicitly express your interests in working with me when you apply for the graduate program. If you would like to discuss the PhD program or research opportunities before applying for the graduate program, feel free to contact me at before the application deadline (Please share your research interests and attach your CV in the email).

I am accepting new PhD Students for Fall 2021. Students who are interested in Cognitive Sciences, Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction are especially welcome. Students with other backgrounds will also be considered.

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